The Church That Helps

A Stillwater resident was visiting with one of our church members. When he identified himself as being part of the FCC, the Stillwater resident responded:

I know about you. You are that church that helps people.

This is a good way to describe our concern for being involved in the community. We are  the church that helps people – in so many ways!

Our congregation is committed to the Helping Hand Fund. We are committed to helping as many people as possible in the best way that we are able. Incoming requests are first referred to local community agencies that provide assistance. In emergency situations, requests are directed to John and Sondra, who then interview applicants to determine the best course of action. Other than those rare emergencies, our best effort to help people is to help the existing agencies that are currently staffed and exist to provide for those needs. Allocating our Helping Hands Fund donations in this manner helps ensure proper stewardship of funds: the Salvation Army has long-established guidelines and criteria for making sure that those needing assistance get not only a hand out, but also a hand up. Joining together with this valuable resource ensures good stewardship, not only of our financial resources but also of our time.


On the first Sundays of the month, we host our First Sunday Food Drive. On this Sunday every month, we collect food to help stock the shelves of the community food bank. Our Sunday School classes are committed each week to buying bread for those same shelves.

Every 56 days we host a blood drive in conjunction with the Red Cross with the goal of donating fifty pints of blood for the day.

And, of course, our corporate service is small compared to the hundreds of individuals who volunteer in the community including Habitat for Humanity, Elite Repeat, Stillwater Medical Center, Stillwater Youth Services, and many more.

First Christian Church has always played a major role in community action and service. It is our commitment to Christ and to His call to us to serve “the least of these…” which continues to move us into wider and deeper community awareness and action.  We will continue to grow in service as “that church that helps people.”